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Mission and goals

The First Interbank Depository provides professional services that are available to customers with different amounts of equity. Through a real assessment of the current market situation and through the concept of your individual requirements, we work with you with the goal of creating a financial and investment plan that matches your vision, balancing your income requirements and risk tolerance. By maximizing the efficiency of investing available funds, we help increase your financial well-being.

We have a simple task - to increase the real income of all our customers.


Mission of our company

  • an individual approach to each client, aimed at achieving success in the stock market;
  • the formation of an investment culture among the population;
  • meeting the needs of the investor in the effective management of investment resources;
  • establishing trustful, long-term relationships based on responsible, honest work of company personnel;
  • stock market development;
  • company employees should be proud of the success of the company and have a sense of ownership in a common cause;
  • Be a legislator of the quality of the services provided;
  • competitors are our partners, we strive to develop together.
  • Strategy
  • provide the highest quality services;
  • adhere to the standards of honesty, legality, independent and open-minded thinking;
  • increasing customer profits and, as a result, their own;
  • professional training of employees in accordance with market requirements;
  • making a profit, regardless of market movement.


  • Be the No. 1 brokerage company in the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • be one of the 3 largest brokerage companies in Uzbekistan in terms of turnover;
  • expansion of presence in the regions of the republic;
  • increasing employee satisfaction with work results.