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Message from the CEO

Today Birinchi Banklararo Depozitariy is one of the oldest companies with a rich history and extensive experience in the stock market of Uzbekistan, which is a fully private and independent company providing a full range of investment and financial services in the securities market.


Birinchi Banklararo Depozitariy was created under the auspices of the Association of Banks of Uzbekistan in 1998 in the form of a joint stock company.

Currently, we provide private, corporate, institutional and international investors with a full range of investment financial services, which includes the provision of professional services of a broker for the purchase and sale of securities of Uzbek issuers on the stock exchange, the provision of professional depository services for accounting and certification of rights to securities, investment advisory services.


Our company occupies a unique niche in the market and today is not only the oldest, but also one of the most active investment and intermediary companies on the stock exchange of Uzbekistan. In 2015 alone, our companies concluded more than 1000 transactions on the stock exchange, which is evidence of the recognized leadership of our company.

Thanks to the active activity of our company, we work in all regions and cities of Uzbekistan. Today, our company has more than 31,737 client accounts, and this figure is constantly growing.


We are aimed at long-term mutually beneficial and most importantly honest cooperation with our Clients, always remaining a reliable company with transparent and easy-to-understand services. I am confident that our current position will allow us to achieve very high results.


General Director (CEO) IP LLC “BBD” Bakhtier Shakirov