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Depository services

If the function of brokers and dealers is to complete transactions with all securities on the exchange or over-the-counter market, the depository department is responsible for accounting for them. Also, its experts monitor and record the transfer of ownership of these securities.

That is, if you plan to purchase shares or bonds, then you need to credit them somewhere. To do this, a depositary account will be opened at the depository (a certain set of depositary records). It is on it that the papers belonging to you will be listed.


Open Depo Account

Custody services are services related to the storage and accounting of rights to securities. BBD offers three tariff  plans that target different categories of customers.




Trading depot account - a depo account of a settlement participant in a settlement depository intended for accounting of securities of clearing participants and conducting operations with securities following the results of transactions. The functioning of the trading depo account - implies the possibility of fulfilling the orders of the clearing center or a third party on behalf of the account holder; and - technologically limits the ability of operations to be carried out by the account holder during a trading session.


OTC Transactions

OTC market - a market in which the registration of sale and purchase, pledge, inheritance of securities.