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Asset Management

Asset management services of BBD LLC include comprehensive monitoring of the securities market, selection of suitable securities for investment portfolios for BBD LLC clients and asset trust management, as well as active management of our own banking products.


The securities specialists of BBD LLC will select suitable funds, stocks and securities for the respective client portfolio based on quantitative and qualitative criteria. The asset management department relies on fundamental analysis and long-term monitoring of selected enterprises. Complement the range of services offered by BBD LLC, as well as securities trading. We are willing to act as a broker for our partners.


Trust management

Trust management is an asset management service for an investor in the securities market.

Management objectives, the composition of the investment portfolio and the acceptable risks are agreed in advance with the client and documented in the trust agreement and in the investment declaration, which are the basis of the management strategy. An investor can always change the declaration or withdraw funds.


Asset management of investment assets

Trust management of investment assets allows the client to avoid participating in the complex and time-consuming process of placing funds and entrust this to highly qualified specialists, specifying their requirements and wishes. A wide range of asset management services allows us to implement various strategies for placing funds, based on an acceptable level of risk and a desired level of profitability.

Our company is ready to use all its potential for your financial success.

Our experts conduct a multilateral analysis of the personal needs of each client according to such key parameters as the level of expectation of profitability, risk perception, investment horizon of investments, liquidity requirements and other criteria. Based on the results of the analysis, we offer you an individual financial solution.


The financial expert of BBD LLC will help you determine your investment goals, investment horizon and your personal risk profile. Based on these parameters, your funds management strategy will be formed, the implementation of which will be carried out by professional managers.