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For beginners

Prerequisites for investing and bidding.

Open a brokerage account.


What is a brokerage account?

A broker account is a personal account of a client opened with a broker, which reflects all of his cash and securities (stocks, bonds).


How to open a brokerage account?

An account can be opened after concluding an agreement with our company and providing all the necessary documents.


Necessary documents for concluding a contract:

  • Passport;
  • Inn
  • Bank details.

How to fund a brokerage account with cash?

You can replenish your brokerage account in cash through the cash desk of any bank at our details, with a personal appearance.


How to replenish a brokerage account in a non-cash way?

Transfer funds from a plastic card to a brokerage account at our details through the cash desk of any bank;


You can replenish your brokerage account through the PayMe application (for this, just go to the "financial services" payment section).


How to choose an investment object?

Carry out an independent analysis of JSCs listed on the stock exchange or on the organized over-the-counter market of ESVT Elsis-Savdo JSC and make a decision on the purchase of securities;


Take advantage of ready-made solutions proposed by our analysts.


How to purchase selected securities?

After confirming the availability of funds in the brokerage account, you need to instruct our specialists to purchase securities.


What is a purchase order?

The purchase order spells out the name of the joint-stock company whose shares you want to purchase, the number of shares and their price.


What is the time period for buying shares?

Subject to the availability of securities on the market, from the moment of placing the application, the transaction can be completed within 3 days.